Coach Mike Williams and staff took our 12U Gauchos to Kansas and brought back the Under Armour Futures National Title.  After marching through the Under Armour’s Northeast region with an 8-0 record and a 22 point average margin of victory, our Young Choz had one thing on their mind when they landed in Kansas, and it wasn’t to see the wizard.  They already had heart courage and a brain, what they wanted was the National title.  There wasn’t a team ready for what our Gauchos were about to unleash on them in order to secure the title.  From the opening tip Olin Chamberlain and Tai Turnage were the recipients of easy layups as a result of the pressure provided by the Gaucho press.  When teams tried to throw over the press their passes feel into the hands of Malik Fuller, Trevon Lewis, Brandon Stores and Nasir (Mook) Rodriguez. That fearsome four also dominated the boards with a punishing inside game.  Malik, Mook, Olin and Tai provided a 3 point barrage any Air Force Bomber would be proud of.  Eric Fagan, Peyton Miller and Jacob Wang provided intensity on defense and the long ball when they came off the bench.  It was a total team effort as our Gauchos knocked off opponents one after another.