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Gauchos McDonalds All Americans

2 McDonalds All American Game MVP 1983     Pearl Washington…

Kahleah Copper

Kahleah Cooper Chicago Sky

Rodd Elizondo – Original Gaucho – 1970 to 1974

| Hometown: Bronx, NY | Years: 1970-74

(Rodd Elizondo – Center, Seated) “Rodd was our first Gaucho…

Rod Strickland – Gaucho from 1978-1985

Division: NBA | Hometown: Bronx | Years: 1988-2005 NBA | University: NBA

Rodney “Rod” Strickland became a Gaucho at the age of 10…

Ed Pinckney – Gaucho from 1978-1981

Division: NCAA, NBA | Hometown: Bronx, NY | Years: 1978-1981 as a Gaucho | University: NCAA, NBA

Ed Pinckney is a true Gaucho and one of the…

Jerry McCullough – Gaucho from 1986-1991

Division: NCAA and 13 years pro in Europe | Hometown: Bronx, NY | Years: 1986-1991 at Gauchos | University: NCAA and 13 years pro in Europe

Jerry McCullough (Rice HS) came up through the Gaucho Program…

Omar Antigua

We need info on this person. info@newyorkgauchos.org

Rich Anasagasti

We need info on this person. info@newyorkgauchos.org  

Lawrence Abney

We need info on this person.

Solomon Abel

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Kenny Anderson

Division: NCAA, NBA, Europe | Hometown: New York City | Years: 1991-2006 | University: NCAA, NBA, Europe

Kenny “Chibbs” Anderson was a Gaucho from 1986-1989. During his time with…

Sherwin Anderson – Gaucho: 1986-1992

Division: NCAA | Hometown: Brooklyn, New York | University: NCAA

 My name is Sherwin Anderson. From 1986-1992 I played for…

Orlando Antigua – Gaucho 1989-1995 ; Head Coach University of South Florida 2014-present

Division: NCAA | Hometown: The Bronx | University: NCAA

Orlando Radhames Antigua Fernández (born February 20, 1973), nicknamed “Hurricane“, is…

Doron Lamb Milwaukee Bucks

Doron Lamb

Division: NCAA | Hometown: Queens | Years: 2012-present | University: NCAA

Doron Emmanuel Calvin Lamb is an American professional basketball player for JSF…

Andre Barret

Andre Barrett

Division: NBA | Hometown: New York City | Years: 2004-Present | University: NBA

Andre Rashawd Barrett (born February 21, 1982) is an American…

Pietra Gay Commets

Pietra Gay

Division: WNBA | Years: 1996-2011 | University: WNBA

Pietra Gay has been a trailblazer for T&T in the…

Keisha Hampton, DePaul

Keisha Hampton

Division: WNBA | Years: 2012 | University: WNBA

Keisha Hampton Is a former professional basketball player of the Women’s…

Jamal Mashburn

Jamal Mashburn

Division: NBA | Hometown: Bronx | Years: 1993-2004 | University: NBA

Jamal Mashburn is a retired American professional basketball player. A small forward,…

Dwayne Pearl Washington

Dwayne Washington

Division: NBA, CBA | Hometown: Brooklyn | Years: 1986-1991 | University: NBA, CBA

Dwayne Washington is a retired American college basketball star and professional…

God Shammgod Connecticut

God Shammgod

Division: CBA, IBL, USBL | Hometown: New York City | Years: 1997-2009 | University: CBA, IBL, USBL

God Shammgod, also known as Shammgod Wells, is an American former professional…

Chris Mullin playing for the Warriors

Chris Mullin – Current Head Coach at St Johns University

Division: NBA | Hometown: Brooklyn | Years: 1985-2001 | University: NBA

Chris Mullin played shooting guard and small forward in the…

Felipe Lopez while playing for the Timberwolves

Felipe López

Division: NBA, CBA | Hometown: New York | Years: 1998-2002 | University: NBA, CBA

He starred in United States high school and university basketball.…

Lloyd Daniels playing for the NBA Nets

Lloyd Daniels

Division: NBA, GBA, CBA, NZBA, USBL | Years: 1986-1996 | University: NBA, GBA, CBA, NZBA, USBL

The 6’7″ shooting guard was one of the most sought-after…

Briana Fraser

Briana Fraser

Division: Brooklyn | Years: 2013-present | University: Brooklyn

Before Maryland: Named a McDonald’s All-American, and rated the No. 12…

Stephon Marbury

Division: CBA | Years: 1996-present | University: CBA

Stephon Xavier Marbury is an American professional basketball player who currently…

Mark Jackson

Division: NCAA, NBA | Hometown: Brooklyn, New York | Years: 1987-2004 | University: NCAA, NBA

Mark was a Gaucho for 2 seasons, from 1980-1982 while…

Billy Goodwin

Division: NBA | Hometown: New York City | Years: 1980-1983 | University: NBA

Billy Goodwin, from New York City, and went to St.…

John Salley

Division: NBA | Years: 1986–2000 | University: NBA

He was the first player in NBA history to play…

Shannon Bobbitt

Shannon Bobbitt played on the Gauchos from 1892-1895. She graduated…

Kemba Walker

Kemba Walker

Division: NBA | Hometown: Bronx | Years: 2011-present | University: NBA

Kemba Walker played for the Gauchos since he was a small…