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Our Coaching Staff 2019-2020

Mike Williams Head Coach 9U 3
Dwayne Campbell Head Coach 10U 4
Skeeter Henry Head Coach 11U 5
Al Gowan Head Coach 12U 6
Oscar Chimilio Asst. Coach 12U 6
Dwayne Mitchell Head Coach 13U 7
Greg Sierra Asst Coach 13U 7
Dante Crofte Head Coach 13U 7
CJ Steed Asst. Coach 13U 7
Dante Crofte Head Coach 14U 8
Skeeter Henry Head Coach 15U 9
Ed Turkson Head Coach 16U 10
Robert Ntiamoah Asst. Coach 16U 10
Head Coach 17U 11
Earl Elliot Head Coach Lady Choz
Devin Hill Head Coach Lady Choz
Reggie Langston Asst Coach Lady Choz
Will Rampersant Asst Coach Lady Choz
Adrain Webber Asst Coach Lady Choz
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The Lady Choz

Team Coach: Earl Elliott
Assistant Coach: William Rampersant