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Our Coaching Staff 2018-2019

Tommy Swinton Head Coach 9U 3
Dwayne Campbell Asst. Coach 9U 3
Steve Harris Head Coach 10U 4
Al Gowan Head Coach 11U 5
Oscar Chimilio Asst. Coach 11U 5
Dwayne Mitchell Head Coach 12U 6
Greg Sierra Asst Coach 12U 6
Dante Crofte Head Coach 12U 6
CJ Steed Asst. Coach 12U 6
Dante Crofte Head Coach 13U 7
Skeeter Henry Head Coach 14U 8
Ed Turkson Head Coach 15U 9
Robert Ntiamoah Asst. Coach 15U 9
KC Williams Head Coach 16U 10
KC Williams Head Coach 17U 11
Earl Elliot Head Coach Lady Choz 6
Lee Harmon Head Coach Lady Choz 7
Reggie Langston Head Coach Lady Choz 8
Will Rampersant Head Coach Lady Choz  9
Earl Elliotte Head Coach Lady Choz  10-11
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The Lady Choz

Team Coach: Earl Elliott
Assistant Coach: William Rampersant