Championship Sunday saw the Gauchos New Years Bash come to an end with a Bang! The Jersey City Boys and Girls club provided the fireworks to close out a very competitive and exciting Tournament.

First Jersey City fought from behind to force an overtime win over the Hill Toppers in the semi-final game.

Then when you thought they didn’t have anything left in the tank they pushed the home team Gauchos to the brink of another over time.  The Gauchos maintained the lead throughout the game but Jersey City never stopped fighting.  They even had a 2 point lead when they fouled our John Fland aka Booggie with 1.7 left on the clock.  Boogie went to the line to make 2 of 3 shots to tie the score.  It looked as if we were going to overtime.  But an inbound pass to Niko of Jersey City and a heave from ¾ court sent the crowd into a frenzy and the Gauchos home in second place.

We offer a special thanks to Coach Dante and CJ for putting on a competitive and entertaining tournament.  Also, much love to all of our volunteers who worked behind the scenes to make this an enjoyable and safe experience for our friends and family.


Gauchos New Years Bash
Pool A Pool B
A1 Choz (Croft) 2-0 B1 Rens 1-1
A2 HillToppers 1-1 B2 Playtime 2-0
A3 Shooting Stars 0-2 B3 Choz-Black 0-2
Fri Fri
8pm A2-A3 46-9 6pm B2-B3 43-23
Sat 7pm B1-B3 53-42
10am A1-A3 47-13 Sat
12noon A1-A2 32-35 1pm B1-B2 46-47
Pool C Pool D
C1 Jersey City B&C 2-0 D1 Ring City 0-2
C2 Rising Stars 1-1 D2 Westside Warriors 1-1
C3 Castle 0-2 D3 Choz -Mitch 2-0
9pm C1-C2 47-25 Sat
Sat 9am D1-D3 0-15
11am C1-C3 50-42 2pm D1-D2 0-15
3pm C2-C3 47-43 4pm D2-D3 39-58
Championship Bracket
6pm Gauchos Croft-Westside Warriors 50-30
7pm Jersey City – Rens 56-46
8pm Playtime- Rising Stars 29-42
9pm Choz-Mitch-Hill Toppers 0-15
12Noon Choz- Croft-Rising Stars 52-22
1pm Hill Toppers-Jersey City B&C 38-43OT
3pm Championship
Choz- Croft-Jersey City B&C 55-58