We had some time recently to look back at our legacy.  We noticed that we have been a part of some fairly good players over the years.  Then, just as many argue who is the GOAT, MJ, Kobe, Lebron or Magic, we began to declare who we thought was the best Gauchos of all time.  We didn’t get anywhere.  So I’m here to ask Gaucho Nation for their help.  We broke 100 players into 4 teams.  Take a look at who we listed.  If we missed someone let us know.  Let us know who you believe was the best players, the best team and who would make up the best team.  You can also choose the coach.  Here is our list.


Team Black Team White
Felipe Lopez Kenny Anderson
Dwayne (Pearl) Washington Jamal Mashburn
Richie Adams Rolondo Blackman
God Shamgod Jullius Hodge
Ed Pickney Dave Britton
Doron Lamb Russ Smith Jr
Gary Springer Dakari Johnson
Jerry (Ice) Reynolds Jordan Theodore
Arnold Bernard Omar Calhoun
Durand Scott Julius Allen
Donnie McGrath Edgar Sosa
Russel Robinson Jamel (5:30) Thomas
Shagari Alleyne Fred Brown
Andre McCullough Lamont Yoda Wright
Charlton Clark Darren Barnett
Marlon Smith Heshimu Evans
Mark Jackson Sebastian Telfair
Rodney McCrae Scooter McCrae
Ronald Ramon Chris Foouch
Walter Herb Lamont (Tip Dog) Thorton
Terence Rencher David Cain
Shawnell Scott Raymel (Rock) Lloyd
Kenny Graham Derrick Lawson
Johnathon Duck Vaughn Drew
Angel (Machito) Cruz


Team Orange Team Grey
Lloyd (Sweet Pea) Daniels Stephon Marbury
Kemba Walker Rod Strickland
Chris Mullin Sid Green
Greg (Boo) Harvey Andre Barrett
John Salley Billy Goodwin
Taj Gibson Sundiata Gains
Mike Edwards Jaylen Laque
Curtis Kely Troy Trusdale
Carlton Screen Billy Singleton
Cosell Brown Conrad McRae
Dave Edwards Rodd Elizondo
Jamal Walker Orlando Antigua
Jerry McCullough Carlton Hines
Darryl Parsons Eric Mobley
Reggie Freeman Curtis (Cornbread) Phalls
Darryl (Truck) Bryant Dedrick Irving
Kyrie Irving Rafer Alston
Tyrone Alamo LaVance Fields
Jessie Sapp Derrick Chevious
James (Bettle) Washington Trence Nut
Damon Santiago Gary Saunders
Kashif (Cash) Pratt Danny Tarviado
Sherwood Anderson Gordon Malone
Gerald King Tom Welly


We believe we are the best program in the country.  We want you to tell us why.