Welcome to 2018

It’s official! Earl Elliotte, the founder, head coach and general manager of the Lady Choz, has accepted the post of general manager of the entire New York Gauchos basketball program and all of the operations of the Gauchos in New York. He will oversee all operations including gym rentals, boys and girls basketball, community outreach and alumni relations. Earl is now the person to talk to and the final word on the day-to-day operations for Teamwork Foundation‘s New York Gauchos‘s basketball program.

Though other managers will still be the same, the chain of command will now go through Earl instead of to the Teamwork Foundation board.

Earl comes to the Gauchos with much overall management experience. He has an educational background in sports management and recreation management, Earl has spent the last 20 years building an outstanding and successful girls basketball program. Working for such youth agencies as the Police Athletic League, the Boys’ Club of New York and the YMCA Earl partnered with Teamwork Foundation and the New York Gauchos back in 1997 to create the Lady Choz.

Over the next 10 years, “Earl‘s Girls” dominated the New York City girls basketball scene. On average, Earl was garnering five D1 scholarships each year for his girls. McDonald’s all Americans? Yes. D1 scholarships? Yes WNBA players? yes. This was the kind of winning attitude that Earl brought to his program.

Though the program was and continues to be financially secure, and while the Gaucho gymnasium, the jewel of the organization, operates and looks better than it ever did, there was a sense that new leadership was around the corner. And this new hire by Teamwork Foundation‘s board of directors, including Peggy Bader and Charlie Chiara, solidifies the boards commitment to improving the program.

With Earl in the driver’s seat we are excited to start 2018 with a new vision and commitment to the joint efforts of the basketball program: helping boys and girls in the Tri-State area achieve their dreams.