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The Gaucho Gym - PLAY HARD
For 30 years the Gaucho Gym has been ground zero in the development of the best in NYC basketball.
Lady Choz on The Adidas Platinum Circuit
12U Rucker 2019 Champs
8U Kyrie Irving Rod Strickland 2019 Champs
11U AAU medalists

The Gauchos in The Middle

New York has always been known as the city of guards and the Gauchos have produced many of them. But…

The Gauchos Impact on Coaching

Many programs are recognized by the tournaments they win, the McDonalds All Americans they produce and the NBA player’s that…

House Rules

House Rules   Every Person entering the building will have their temperature taken by staff.  Anyone with a temperature of…

Who are the Best Gauchos of All Time?

We had some time recently to look back at our…

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Gauchos Look at Their Illustrious Legacy

The New York Gauchos have been developing players for over…

Summer Camp Is Cancelled

Mattee Ajavon Inducted into Gauchos Hall of Fame

Hall of Famers Play at the Choz

CBS Recognizes Legendary Gaucho Program