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The Gaucho Gym - PLAY HARD
For 30 years the Gaucho Gym has been ground zero in the development of the best in NYC basketball.
Lady Choz on The Adidas Platinum Circuit
12U Rucker 2019 Champs
8U Kyrie Irving Rod Strickland 2019 Champs
11U AAU medalists
2019 Session I Summer Camp

NCAA Adjusts 2020 Open Evaluation Period

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the NCAA has made a few adjustments to the open periods for evaluations.  The NCAA…

Lifetime Gaucho Stephon Marbury Delivers an Assist to COVID-19 Frontline

According to the New York Post, Lifetime Gaucho, Stephon Marbury is attempting to broker a deal to bring N95 masks…

COVID-19 Shuts Down Choz

As the New York State Governor has authorized for all NYC schools to be closed  and the  CDC has lowered…

Spring D League Ends One Week Early

Because of the COVID-19, D-League Director Mike Williams will conclude…

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Girls Tryouts Postponed

Lady Gauchos Director Earl Elliot, in order to develop a…

Gauchos React to Corona Virus

Gauchos fall Short at Made Hoops Championship

THE 2020 MECCA was a HIT

Gauchos Winter Invitational was WOW!!!!